Posted over 450 photos covering the Kansas City area Interstate system from June 18-19, 2015 and October 30-31 and November 3, 2016.

New pages for Interstate 35 north and south in Kansas City, Kansas

New page for Interstate 70 east from Bonner Springs to the Missouri state line.

Added photos for Interstate 70 west from Kansas City to Bonner Springs.

Expanded coverage of Interstate 435 with photos covering the Kansas City Beltway south from I-29 to Lenexa, Kansas, east from Orchard Park to I-70 in east Kansas City, Missouri. Also added/replaced 18 photos for I-435 west from Orchard Park into Lenexa.

Finished posting southbound photos for Interstate 635 in Kansas City and added a northbound page covering the entire 12.67 mile route.

Added two photos and replaced another on I-670 westbound (11/03/16) and seven on I-670 eastbound (10/30/16).

02/21/20 Update:

Created pages for U.S. 69 north and south through the Kansas City area.

Add/replaced 13 photos covering Interstate 70 westbound through the Kansas City area (11/03/16) and expanded coverage of I-70 eastbound from Exit 7 to the DDI at Exit 18 with 26 new photos.

Created page for U.S. 169 south along the Broadway Freeway in Kansas City, Missouri.

Completed southbound coverage of I-35 south from I-670 to the Kansas state line with 13 photos taken 10/31/16.

02/22/20 Update:

Posted photos covering U.S. 71 north and south along Bruce R. Watkins Drive and the freeway between I-49/435/470 and I-70/670 in Kansas City, Missouri.