Updates February 20-22, 2020 – Kansas City

Posted over 450 photos covering the Kansas City area Interstate system from June 18-19, 2015 and October 30-31 and November 3, 2016. New pages for Interstate 35 north and south in Kansas City, Kansas New page for Interstate 70 east from Bonner Springs to [...]

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Observations from the road: Topeka to the Quad Cities

Day 7 of our Midwest/Great Plains trip takes us east from Topeka back through Kansas City and then north to Des Moines before ending the day in the Quad Cities. We started out deciding to explore the Topeka area freeway system with spurs north and south along U.S. 75 before returning to Kansas City to [...]

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Observations from the road: Kansas City to Topeka

Continuing with Day 6 of our Midwest/Great Plains trip, we drove throughout Kansas City as peak hour traffic set in, with a path taking us back and forth from the Alphabet loop Downtown to suburbs such as Grandview and Lees Summit. Culminating our trudge through the I-435, K-10 and I-35 construction zone, we departed the [...]

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Interstate 635 (the boring one)

Interstate 635 is an approximately 12 mile long bypass running to the west of downtown Kansas City. It is mostly in Kansas, but runs into Missouri as well. The entire route was recently reconstructed by KDOT in a $98 million project that also saw the rebuilding of its interchange with Interstate 70. Lets take a [...]

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The big arrow flower (Kansas City’s I-435)

Interstate 435 spends 80 miles circling Kansas City, and is one of the busiest roads in the metro area. It happens to be the world's fourth longest beltway with a single number (after Cincy, Berlin, and London). Recently, the busy southern portion of the route in Kansas was reconstructed, and parts of it are still [...]

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