Happy Thanksgiving! Spent most of the last few weeks going route by route on Interstate-Guide, converting more pages to the WordPress format and updating them with newer photos. Finished off going through all the routes in the Western States, and with the exception of routes in Missouri, have everyone complete west of the Mississippi River. There are around 75 or so routes left to go through in the meantime.

Shifting back to AARoads, went through some of the oldest compiled pages covering the Mobile, Alabama and Pensacola, Florida area to both rewrite them and also switch out coverage with photos from various trips between 2014 and 2017. Specifically I revamped pages for both directions of Interstate 10 in Alabama and for Interstate 10 in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties in Florida. Completed an update I started sometime ago for Interstate 65 north from Mobile to Conecuh County in Lower Alabama. Followed that up by revising the southbound pages along the same stretch.

Did some extensive research on the history of Interstate 110 in Pensacola for Interstate-Guide, finally ironing out the opening dates. The first section was finished in 1964 and the last, the two-wye interchange at Downtown Pensacola, was not completed until 1980. Overhauled the photos on AARoads for I-110, then those for Interstate 165 in Mobile, Alabama.

Also updated are pages covering Indiana State Road 37 northbound from Paoli to Bloomington in the southwestern part of the state. Added were photos from September 2020.