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U.S. 17 South U.S. 92 Florida State Road 50 West
West Colonial Drive advances one block west from SR 527 (Orange Avenue) south to Interstate 4. I-4 Ultimate road work through 2021 converts the original parclo B4 interchange with SR 50 into a SPUI. Photo taken 05/22/20.
The new entrance ramp for I-4 east separates from a rebuilt Garland Avenue just north of Colonial Drive. Garland Avenue connects with Orange Avenue (SR 527) south at Legion Place. Photo taken 05/22/20.
With $9.2 million in funding from the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), a $10 million pedestrian bridge opened across Colonial Drive and Sunrail tracks on March 18, 2019. The quarter mile span links the Orlando Urban Trail with Gertrude's Walk adjacent to I-4.1 Photo taken 05/22/20.
Interstate 4 travels an elevated route along the west side of Downtown Orlando to Amway Center (home of the NBA Orlando Magic) and a systems interchange with the East-West Expressway (SR 408). Photo taken 05/22/20.
The westbound off-ramp from I-4 to Colonial Drive forms Hughey Avenue, a west side frontage street for the freeway south to SR 526 (Washington Street), Amway Center and a return ramp at South Street. Photo taken 03/31/18.
Confirming markers for U.S. 17 south & 92-SR 50 west posted after I-4. Colonial Drive passes south of Lake Concord and north of Lake Dot on this stretch. Photo taken 03/31/18.
Edgewater Drive navigates north from West Colonial Drive between Lakes Adair and Concord to the College Park neighborhood. Edgewater Drive doubles as unsigned CR 424 north to Par Street, where SR 424 takes over. Photo taken 03/31/18.
Parramore Avenue heads south from West Colonial Drive at the succeeding traffic light to Central Boulevard and Orlando City Stadium (home of the MLS Orlando City SC). Photo taken 03/31/18.
The last traffic light along the 1.9-mile overlap of U.S. 17-92 and SR 50 is with Westmoreland Drive. Photo taken 09/03/17.
U.S. 17 south & 92 west part ways with State Road 50 (West Colonial Drive) and accompany U.S. 441 south along Orange Blossom Trail. U.S. 441 follows Orange Blossom Trail (OBT) northwest from Orlando to Apopka and Mt. Dora. Photo taken 09/03/17.
U.S. 17-92-441 overlap along OBT southward 17.2 miles to U.S. 192 in the city of Kissimmee. Photo taken 03/31/18.
U.S. 17-92-441 (Orange Blossom Trail) travel 1.2 miles south through the Paramore neighborhood to meet the East-West Expressway at Holden Heights. Photo taken 09/03/17.
Florida State Road 50 West
Removed by 2015, this trailblazer for SR 408 appeared along Colonial Drive west of OBT. Photo taken 01/25/08.
Confirming marker for State Road 50 west posted beyond the traffic light with Springdale Avenue at the Spring Lake Terrace neighborhood. Photo taken 01/25/08.
A mileage sign stands at Tampa Avenue, listing the distance to Winter Garden and the Hernando County seat of Brooksville. Tampa Avenue heads south to Camping World Stadium. Photo taken 01/25/08.
SR 50 widens into a six-lane, divided arterial west from Tampa Avenue. Meeting Colonial Drive ahead is SR 423 (John Young Parkway). Photo taken 06/05/19.
SR 423 is a 9.8 mile urban route taking John Young Parkway south to I-4 near Richmond Heights and Catalina in Orlando and north through Fairvilla to Trotters Park and east to Winter Park. Photo taken 01/25/08.
A diamond interchange connects John Young Parkway with the East-West Expressway 0.6 miles south of Colonial Drive. Photo taken 01/25/08.
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A reassurance shield and mileage sign appear along SR 50 west of SR 423 (John Young Parkway). Winter Garden is referenced at 12 miles away again. Photos taken 06/05/19.
Car dealerships line both sides of SR 50 (West Colonial Drive) as it progresses west from Ferguson Drive to Mercy Drive and Fairvilla Road. Photo taken 06/05/19.
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Mercy Drive provides the next connection from westbound SR 50 to the parallel East-West Expressway (SR 408). Photos taken 06/05/19.
Fairvilla Road branches west from Mercy Drive to intersect SR 50 (West Colonial Drive) adjacent to the Emery Hamilton Sports Complex. Photo taken 06/05/19.
Pete Parrish Boulevard represents the main entrance road to the Central Florida Fair & Orlando Amphitheater. Photo taken 06/05/19.
Pine Hills Road stems north from Old Winter Garden Road (CR 526) to a half diamond interchange with SR 408 eastbound and SR 50 by Pine Hills Marketplace shopping center. The arterial north 1.81 miles to SR 438 (Silver Star Road) is unsigned CR 431. Photo taken 06/05/19.
Retail lines both sides of SR 50 (West Colonial Drive) between Pine Hills Road (CR 431) and SR 435 (Kirkman Road). Photo taken 06/05/19.
The west end of SR 408 connects with Florida's Turnpike. An access road joins SR 50 with the toll road directly in six miles. Photo taken 06/05/19.
SR 50 intersects the north end of SR 435 adjacent to the Kirkman Road interchange with the East-West Expressway. Photo taken 06/05/19.
SR 435 (Kirkman Road) is seven mile long arterial route running south through Orlando to Metrowest, the Universal Orlando theme park, the International Drive Resort area and SR 482 (Sand Lake Road). Photo taken 06/05/19.
A second trailblazer for SR 408 stands ahead of the intersection with Kirkman Road south to Orlo Vista and Governors Avenue north into residential areas of Pine Hills. Photo taken 06/05/19.
Colonial Drive west to North Apopka-Vineland Road was expanded to six lanes from SR 435 (Kirkman Road) by 2011. SR 50 east of Kirkman Road was six-laned by at least 2001. Photo taken 04/11/08.
Hastings Street is a through route heading north through the Robinswood neighborhood to SR 438 (Silver Star Road). Photo taken 05/22/20.
The succeeding signal westbound is with Paul Street. Paul Street spans SR 408 south to Amelia Street at Orlo Vista. Photo taken 05/22/20.
Powers Drive also spans SR 408 to Orlo Vista, extending south to Orlo Vista Park and Old Winter Garden Road (CR 526). Photo taken 05/22/20.
Hiawassee Road crosses West Colonial Drive north from Metrowest in Orlando and an exchange with SR 408. Photo taken 05/22/20.
Hiawassee Road north becomes part of CR 435 from SR 50 to SR 438 (Silver Star Road) in Pine Hills. Photo taken 05/22/20.
Dorscher Drive winds north from Old Winter Garden Road by Lake Herrick to cross SR 408 ahead of the commercialized intersection with SR 50 (West Colonial Drive). Photo taken 05/22/20.
N Apopka-Vineland Road heads south from Clarcona to end at SR 50 (West Colonial Drive) near Lake Greenwood. The arterial route is a part of CR 435 north of parallel SR 438 (Silver Star Road). Photo taken 05/22/20.
SR 50 lowers onto a causeway across Lake Sherwood ahead of the Ocoee city limits. Colonial Drive was widened here in 2009-11. Photo taken 05/22/20.
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Good Homes Road provides the next link between SR 50 (West Colonial Drive) and SR 408 (East-West Expressway). The arterial extends south to Old Winter Garden Road (CR 526). Photos taken 05/22/20.
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West from Good Homes Road, SR 50 spans Lake Lotta ahead of West Oaks Mall. Photos taken 05/22/20.
SR 50 westbound at the main access road to West Oaks Mall. Photo taken 05/22/20.
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Construction of the Western Extension of SR 408 in 1990 included a limited access connector linking the toll road with SR 50 (Colonial Drive) at Clarke Road. Photos taken 05/22/20.
Clarke Road winds south from Clarcona Ocoee Road through east Ocoee to directly tie into the SR 408 connector leading east to Orlando. Photo taken 05/22/20.
Blackwood Avenue intersects West Colonial Drive by Health Central Hospital in Ocoee. Photo taken 05/22/20.
Bluford Avenue branches northwest from parallel Old Winter Garden Road (CR 526) to cross SR 50 en route to Downtown Ocoee. Photo taken 05/22/20.
Bluford Avenue north to McKey Street is part of an unsigned branch of CR 439 leading to SR 437 (Ocoee-Apopka Road) and SR 438 (Franklin Street). SR 438 meets the SR 429 just west from there, as does SR 50 in 1.75 miles. Photo taken 05/22/20.
SR 50 advances west from Bluford Avenue to the south branch of CR 439 along Maguire Road. The last of five widening projects bringing Colonial Drive to six overall lanes was completed on this stretch in Spring 2018. Photo taken 05/22/20.
Downtown Winter Garden lies four miles to the northwest via SR 50 (West Colonial Drive) and Dillard Street (old SR 537) north. SR 50 trudges west another 12 miles to Clermont in Lake County. Photo taken 05/22/20.
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County Road 439 (Maguire Road) connects the city of Ocoee with the town of Windermere. Although not signed beyond SR 50, the county road takes a stair stepped route from there east to Orlando and south to Universal Orlando and Dr. Phillips. Photos taken 05/22/20.
West Colonial Drive meets SR 429 (Daniel Webster Western Beltway) one mile west of Maguire Road (CR 439). Photo taken 05/22/20.
A trumpet interchange follows on SR 50 west with an access road leading to Florida's Turnpike. Photo taken 05/22/20.
Ramps with SR 429 (Daniel Webster Western Beltway) follow to the immediate west of the exchange with the Turnpike access road. Photo taken 05/22/20.
One of the original Orlando area interchanges along Florida's Turnpike, the exchange with SR 50 in Ocoee dates back to 1964. The Turnpike angles southeast to Orlando and northwest to Minneola. Photo taken 05/22/20.
Florida's Turnpike is a regional corridor joining Miami and South Florida with Orlando and I-75 north at Wildwood. Rapid growth of the Clermont area expanded the role of the toll road into a commuter route, with subsequent widening of the Turnpike to eight lanes. Photo taken 05/22/20.
SR 50 meets SR 429 (Western Beltway) within a half mile of the ramps with Florida's Turnpike. Photo taken 05/22/20.
SR 429 represents the western half of the Orlando beltway system, traveling north from I-4 in Osceola County to Ocoee, Winter Garden, Apopka and Wekiva Parkway into Lake County. Photo taken 05/22/20.
SR 50 west confirming marker preceding the overpass carrying traffic from Florida's Turnpike to SR 429 (Western Beltway) northbound. Photo taken 05/22/20.
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The Western Beltway winds north through Ocoee to SR 414 (John Land Apopka Expressway) and SR 451 in Apopka. SR 429 combines with SR 414 north from there to U.S. 441 (Orange Blossom Trail) and Wekiva Parkway. SR 451 spurs northeast to U.S. 441 near Downtown Apopka. Photos taken 05/22/20.
SR 429 curves southwest from Ocoee through southern reaches of Winter Garden en route to Horizon West in southwest Orange County. Photo taken 05/22/20.
The Western Beltway links Ocoee, Winter Garden and Florida's Turnpike with Walt Disney World and Interstate 4 west to Lakeland and Tampa. Photo taken 05/22/20.
West Colonial Drive crosses the Winter Garden city line just after the ramps with SR 429. Photo taken 05/22/20.
Westbound SR 50 (West Colonial Drive) at Carter Road north to Story Road. Photo taken 05/22/20.
Beulah Road angles southeast to pass under Florida's Turnpike en route to Beulah and Stonreybrook West Parkway in southeast Winter Garden. Photo taken 05/22/20.
The ensuing westbound traffic light along SR 50 operates at 9th Street. 9th Street heads north to the Winter Garden street grid and Plant Street (former SR 438). Photo taken 05/22/20.
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Approaching Dillard Street north and Daniels Road south on SR 50 (Colonial Drive) west. Dillard Street was formerly SR 537 north to Plant Street by Historic Downtown Winter Garden. Photo taken 11/05/06. Second photo taken 10/20/18.
State Road 537 was decommissioned in 2009, with maintenance of Dillard Street turned over to the city of Winter Garden. Photo taken 11/05/06.
Daniels Road extends south from Dillard Street as a four lane arterial to the Winter Garden Village retail development and County Road 535 at SR 429 (Western Beltway). Photo taken 05/22/20.
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A confirming marker and mileage sign follow the former south end of SR 537 (Dillard Street). SR 50 travels 49 miles from Winter Garden to Brooksville and the Nature Coast region of Florida. Photos taken 05/22/20.
Less than a quarter mile west of Daniels Road is the north end of CR 535 (Winter Garden-Vineland Road). Photo taken 05/22/20.
Winter-Garden Vineland Road doubles as CR 535 south 15 miles to Bay Lake and South Apopka-Vineland Road near I-4 and Disney Springs. Photo taken 05/22/20.
S Park Avenue heads north from the Park Avenue Estates and Village Grove subdivisions along Florida's Turnpike to intersect SR 50 (West Colonial Drive) at Winter Garden Regional Shopping Center. Park Avenue continues north to Veterans Memorial Park and Plant Street (CR 438) west of Downtown Winter Garden. Photo taken 05/22/20.
County Road 545 (Avalon Road) winds 16 miles southward from Winter Garden to Lake Avalon Groves, Horizon West and U.S. 192 near Four Corners. Tildenville School Road links the north end of CR 545 with CR 438 (Plant Street) west to Oakland. Photo taken 10/20/18.
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2 photos
SR 50 (West Colonial Drive) leaves the city of Winter Garden and enters the town of Oakland. Photos taken 05/22/20.
Tubbs Street, a branch of CR 438, links SR 50 (Colonial Drive) with Oakland Avenue (CR 438) north in Downtown Oakland. Photo taken 05/22/20.
Florida's Turnpike and SR 50 (West Colonial Drive) meet directly on the west side of Oakland at a diamond interchange. Photo taken 05/22/20.
The exchange with Florida's Turnpike along SR 50 was redesigned from a parclo interchange during a Turnpike widening project in 2009-10. Photo taken 05/22/20.
The Turnpike travels northwest to Minneola, Leesburg and I-75 at Wildwood. Photo taken 05/22/20.
SR 50 west passes underneath Florida's Turnpike ahead of the southbound entrance ramp to Orlando, Ft. Pierce, West Palm Beach and Miami. Photo taken 05/22/20.
SR 50 (West Colonial Drive) continues beyond the turnpike just north of Johns Lake. Photo taken 05/22/20.
Remington Road stems south to the Johns Landing and John's Cove developments along Johns Lake. Photo taken 05/22/20.
Deer Island Drive intersects SR 50 across from Oakland Avenue (CR 438). CR 438 continues west into Lake County, where it becomes Old CR 50. Oakland Avenue is the former route of SR 438 east into Downtown Oakland. Photo taken 05/22/20.
SR 50 crosses the Lake County line alongside Killarney Station park on the West Orange Trail. Photo taken 05/22/20.


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