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I-24 at SR 48 - Clarksville, TN

A wide median separates the roadways along I-24 through the exchange (Exit 1) with SR 48 (Trenton Road) in Clarksville. 11/07/11

I-24/40 East Split - Nashville, TN

Amid limestone outcrops, a three-wye interchange joins I-24/40 in southeast Nashville. 04/04/13

Angling southeast across central Tennessee, Interstate 24 links the cities of Clarksville, Nashville, Murfreesboro and Chattanooga. The freeway totals 180 miles through the Volunteer State, with a 4.10 mile gap around Raccoon Mountain through Dade County, Georgia. Overlaps also take the route alongside I-65 and I-40 through Nashville.

Interstate 24 Tennessee Guides

Growth of the Nashville area preceded expansion of I-24 to at least six overall lanes from SR 155 (Briley Parkway / Exit 43) south to U.S. 231 (Exit 81) at Murfreesboro. The freeway also widens to at least six lanes from the c/d roadway system with I-124 and U.S. 27 at the "Big Scramble Interchange" in Chattanooga east to Interstate 75.

Interstate 24 across Monteagle Mountain was constructed between 1962 and 1968. It replaced a winding two-lane road originally built in 1923.1 Initial stretches of I-24 completed in Tennessee by 1960 included one of the roadways across Monteagle Mountain and the bridges over the L & N Railroad lines between Exits 178 and 180A in Chattanooga.2

US 231 south at US 41/70S - 2001

One of the last state named shields for I-24 was a trailblazer posted on U.S. 231 south at U.S. 41/70S and SR 96 in Murphreesboro. Photo by Carter Buchanan (11/01).

Central Tennessee 1970

Several portions of Interstate 24 were open to traffic between Nashville and Chattanooga per the 1970 Tennessee Official Highway Map. The route northwest from the split with I-65 in Nashville was incomplete.

Interstate 24 scenes
Central Avenue heads south from U.S. 41/76 (E Main Street) to Rossville Boulevard in Chattanooga. I-24 trailblazers split traffic for eastbound via Rossville Boulevard (SR 27) south to the cloverleaf interchange at Exit 180. 01/21/13
A loop ramp connects I-24 east with U.S. 11/64 (E 23rd Street) at Central Avenue north. Motorists bound for I-24 west are directed toward the Big Scramble Interchange from Central Avenue south. 01/21/13
Waldron Road joins an array of distribution centers and warehouses with Interstate 24 in the city of La Vergne. 09/07/20
Waldron Road south entering the parclo interchange with Interstate 24 at Exit 64. 09/07/20
North from Waldron Road, Interstate 24 westbound leads into Nashville and Davidson County. 09/07/20
Medical Center Parkway extends 3.4 miles west from U.S. 41/70S (NW Broad Street) in Murfreesboro to Interstate 24. 01/15/19
I-24 travels northwest from Medical Center Parkway to Interstate 840 at the succeeding exit. 01/15/19
A single point interchange joins Medical Center Parkway with Interstate 24 at Exit 76. 01/15/19
Medical Center Parkway becomes Fortress Boulevard leading south from I-24 to SR 96 (Franklin Road). 01/15/19
Germantown Road north at N Terrace and the westbound entrance ramp for Interstate 24. Germantown Road runs along the East Ridge and Chattanooga city line along this stretch. 06/12/17
Vintage signs for Interstate 24 precede I-24 west and S Terrace east to I-24 east on Germantown Road south in east Chattanooga. 06/12/17
Germantown Road leads south from I-24 into East Ridge while I-24 west leads to Downtown Chattanooga. 09/06/20
West from Germantown Road, Interstate 24 ascends across Missionary Ridge through East Ridge to Ridgedale and Fort Cheatham in Chattanooga. 06/12/17
S Terrace at the slip ramp ramp onto Interstate 24 east between Belvoir Avenue and S Moore Road in East Ridge. 06/12/17
N Terrace comprises the westbound frontage for Interstate 24 from Spring Creek Road near I-75 to Germantown Road in Chattanooga. An I-24 trailblazer precedes the intersection with Belvoir Avenue at the South Brainerd neighborhood. 09/07/20
N Terrace west at Interstate 24 west. N Terrace connects the ramps at the split diamond interchange (Exit 183) joining I-24 with Belvoir Avenue and Germantown Road between East Ridge and Chattanooga. 09/07/20

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  2. "Tennessee Interstate Highways Map," Department of Highways, 1960.

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