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I-73 and I-74 were introduced as future routes for the Tar Heel state in 1995. Interstate 73 was first planned as a route between Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan and Charleston, South Carolina. Subsequent revisions revised the south end location to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and left the north end uncertain. Within North Carolina, I-73 was first signed alongside Interstate 74 between Candor and Ellerbe along the preexisting U.S. 220 freeway. Future I-73 shields coincided with U.S. 220 north from Asheboro to Greensboro until upgrades to Interstate standards were made.

Additional sections of Interstate 73 were added in 2008 from Candor south to Ellerbe (initially signed as Future I-73/74) and in Greensboro, where I-73 overtook the southwest portion of the Greensboro Urban Loop from I-40, nine months after its completion, to Bryan Boulevard alongside Future I-840. The succeeding section of I-73 constructed extends 9.4 miles north from Bryan Boulevard and PTI Airport to U.S. 220 in southern Rockingham County. This stretch opened fully on July 3, 2017.

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An additional 3.7 miles of I-73/74 were completed south of Ellerbe in June 2018. Representing the northern section of the overall 10.5 mile Rockingham bypass, construction upgraded U.S. 220 to Interstate standards and built frontage roads. A folded diamond interchange (Exit 23) with Dockery Road (SR 1306) west and Haywood Cemetery Road (SR 1446) north and a portion of the trumpet interchange that joins I-73/74 with U.S. 220 south to Rockingham were also built during the project. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) approved a 2.91 mile extension of I-73/74 south as an addition to the Interstate System on September 27, 2018.

Work on the remainder of the Rockingham Bypass continues in three sections to Spring 2024.1 However an update to the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) Rockingham Bypass (Future I-73/74) project web page shows the completion date of June 2025.

Harrington Rd at I-73/74 - Rockingham, NC

2014-18 construction built the northern 3.7 miles of the Rockingham Bypass. This view looks south at the unopened roadway for I-73/74 from the Harrington Road (SR 1304) overpass. 08/14/21

Interstate 73 scenes
Academy Street (SR 1950) extends northwest from Randleman to a commercialized intersection with High Point Street (SR 1952) and then a diamond interchange with I-73/U.S. 220. 08/06/13
Pineview Street (SR 1712) joins the north side of Asheboro with I-73/74 at a diamond interchange (Exit 79). The two routes part ways 0.75 miles to the north. 01/17/19
Spies Road eastbound leaves Star and meets I-73-74/U.S. 220 at a diamond interchange. 07/11/05
Interstate 73 south, I-74 east, and U.S. 220 shield assembly at the on-ramp to Rockingham and Laurinburg. 07/11/05
New Hope Church Road (SR 1121) angles 0.37 miles southwest from U.S. 220 Alternate to the diamond interchange along I-73/74 at Exit 66. 08/14/21
I-73/74 head north from New Hope Church Road to Ulah and the city of Asheboro. 08/14/21
South from New Hope Church Road, I-73/74-U.S. 220 continue to Steeds, Star, Biscoe and Candor. 08/14/21
Gate City Boulevard (SR 4121) meets I-73/U.S. 421 (Greensboro Urban Loop) at a diverging diamond interchange (DDI) in southwest Greensboro. 08/16/21

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