U.S. Highway 13

U.S. Highway 13 North
U.S. 13 northbound & U.S. 30 westbound join briefly on N. 34th Street between the Exit 342 off-ramp of Interstate 76 west and Girard Avenue. At Girard Avenue U.S. 30 westbound turns left toward West Philadelphia and Lancaster Avenue. U.S. 13 northbound turns right onto Girard Avenue east to cross Interstate 76 and the Schuylkill River. After crossing the waterway below, the US highway turns north again onto N. 33rd Street along the eastern side of Fairmount Park. Photo taken 04/10/04.
U.S. 13 (Bristol Pike) northbound at the jughandle for Pennsylvania 413 (New Rodgers Road) northbound in the town of Bristol. Pennsylvania 413 acts as the conduit between U.S. 13 and Interstate 276 (Pennsylvania Turnpike) and Interstate 95. Photo taken 03/23/04.
Two miles north of the U.S. 13 (Bristol Pike) and Pennsylvania 413 (New Rodgers Road) junction is the trumpet interchange for the Pennsylvania Turnpike and Interstate 276 west. The tolled highway crosses the Delaware River Bridge east of here en route to Bordentown, New Jersey and the New Jersey Turnpike. Photo taken 03/23/04.
Button copy guide sign after the Pennsylvania Turnpike toll plaza from U.S. 13 onto Interstate 276. The Interstate designation concludes just east of the Bristol Interchange (Exit 358). Four miles to the east of Bristol is the Bordentown Interchange of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Extension. Photo taken 03/23/04.
Sign bridge at the U.S. 13 trumpet interchange with Interstate 276. An Interstate 476 shield overlays a Pennsylvania 9 shield for the Northeastern Extension interchange at Plymouth Meeting on Interstate 276 west. All of the Pennsylvania Turnpike east of Interstate 95 will become part of Interstate 95 itself by 2012. Photo taken 03/23/04.
Entering the community of Tullytown on U.S. 13 (Bristol Pike) northbound at the signalized intersection with Haines Road. Left-hand turns are banned at the crossing and all Haines Road bound traffic must utilize a jughandle to the right. Haines Road connects Airport Road with Mill Creek Parkway to the northwest. Photo taken 10/03/04.
Approaching Levittown Parkway on U.S. 13 (Bristol Pike) northbound. A white guide sign indicates to motorists that all turns must eminate from the right-hand lane to a New Jersey style jughandle. The placard above the sign displays Levittown Shopping Center. Photo taken 10/03/04.
U.S. 13 (Bristol Pike) northbound at the south end of Levittown Parkway. The SEPTA Regional Rail Tullytown / Levittown Station lies to the right. Levittown Parkway arcs northwest to New Falls Road & Oxford Valley Road at Levittown. Photo taken 10/03/04.
U.S. 13 splits with the Bristol Pike for a four-lane freeway between Tullytown and Bristol. The original concrete roadway (Bristol Bypass) veers to the northeast en route to Mill Creek Road and Old Bristol Pike near Van Sciver Lake. Photo taken 10/03/04.
Northbound reassurance marker posted at the freeway beginning north of Tullytown. The U.S. 13 freeway was originally touted as part of Interstate 95 before the current routing was selected. Photo taken 10/03/04.
Mill Creek Road intersects U.S. 13 0.75 miles north of its upgrade to a freeway. The east-west highway stems west from Old Bristol Pike into Tullytown as Mill Creek Parkway. Photo taken 10/03/04.
A partial-diamond interchange serves Mill Creek Road from U.S. 13. Southbound traffic utilizes a slip ramp from adjacent Fallsington Tullytown Road for U.S. 13. Mill Creek Road widens to a four-lane surface boulevard upon entering Tullytown to the west. Photo taken 10/03/04.
The next interchange of the U.S. 13 freeway sees ramps with Penn Valley Road east of Levittown and Fairless Hills. Penn Valley Road travels east-west between New Falls Road & Hood Boulevard and Old Bristol Pike. Photo taken 10/03/04.
Reconstruction of U.S. 13 continues through the diamond interchange with Penn Valley Road. Use Penn Valley Road west for Levittown and east for Wheat Sheaf. Photo taken 10/03/04.
The next interchange encountered by northbound motorists on U.S. 13 is the full-cloverleaf interchange with New Tyburn Road. Obscured by foliage, a 3/8ths of a mile sign resides along U.S. 13 north after the Penn Valley Road on-ramp. Photo taken 10/03/04.
Auxiliary guide sign for the New Tyburn Road cloverleaf interchange on U.S. 13 north. New Tyburn Road constitutes a four-lane expressway between U.S. 1 Business (Lincoln Highway) and Pennsylvania Avenue & River Road at Fairless. Photo taken 10/03/04.
U.S. 13 northbound at the New Tyburn Road westbound loop ramp. The eastbound off-ramp was closed due to construction at the time of this photograph. New Tyburn Road intersects New Falls Road before ending at U.S. 1 (Lincoln Highway) at Fallsington to the west. The four-lane highway is a controlled access facility to the east with off-ramp serving the US Steel Industrial Park and Pennsylvania Avenue & River Road. Photo taken 10/03/04.
U.S. 13 officially ends 0.75 miles to the north of New Tyburn Road at U.S. 1. U.S. 1 travels a four-lane freeway between Langhorne and Trenton, New Jersey. Photo taken 10/03/04.
A folded-diamond interchange resides just south of U.S. 1 and a parallel railroad corridor at Lower Morrisville Road. Lower Morrisville Road loops northeast from New Falls Road to U.S. 13 and Newbold Road. Newbold Road continues the curved routing southeast to Old Bristol Pike and Tyburn Road. Photo taken 10/03/04.
U.S. 1 auxiliary guide sign for the three-quarter cloverleaf interchange between it and U.S. 13. U.S. 1 northbound serves Morrisville and downtown Trenton, New Jersey. The US highway crosses the Delaware River via a toll bridge. However tolls are only charged in the northbound direction. Photo taken 10/03/04.
Reflective button copy overheads at the U.S. 1 northbound off-ramp from U.S. 13 north. U.S. 1 crosses the Delaware River in two miles en route to the Trenton Freeway and U.S. 206. U.S. 1 provides the main corridor between Trenton and New Brunswick. Photo taken 10/03/04.
The southbound U.S. 1loop ramp leaves U.S. 13 northbound. U.S. 1 provides a direct connection to Interstate 95 for travelers bound for Philadephia. The freeway otherwise continues west to Langhorne and Bensalem Township before entering Philadelphia as Roosevelt Boulevard. Photo taken 10/03/04.
U.S. 13 ends at the cloverleaf interchange with U.S. 1. Pine Grove Road continues northward from the junction to Trenton Avenue in Morrisville. Photo taken 10/03/04.
U.S. Highway 13 south
Pine Grove Road transitions into the U.S. 13 freeway at U.S. 1 southwest of Morrisville. A three-quarter cloverleaf interchange joins the two routes. There is no ramp onto U.S. 1 southbound however, with motorists instead directed to Trenton Avenue south and the Woolston Drive on-ramp. Photo taken 10/03/04.
U.S. 13 southbound at the loop ramp onto U.S. 1 northbound. U.S. 1 ventures two miles east through Morrisville to the Delaware River. At the river the highway crosses into Trenton, New Jersey via the Trenton Freeway. U.S. 13 begins a five-state route along a four-lane freeway between Fallsington and Tullytown. Photo taken 10/03/04.
U.S. 13 southbound crosses over a railroad corridor between U.S. 1 and the folded diamond interchange with Lower Morrisville Road. Lower Morrisville Road and Newbold road form a loop between Fallsington and Fairless to the north of Tyburn Road. Photo taken 10/03/04.
Construction narrows the four-lane freeway to two lanes as U.S. 13 passes through the interchange with Lower Morrisville Road. Lower Morrisville Road westbound ties into New Falls Road at Main Street and Yardley Avenue in Fallsington. East of U.S. 13, the road becomes Newbold Road en route to an interchange with Tyburn Road at Old Bristol Pike. Photo taken 10/03/04.
A Pennsylvania 13 shield lies just south of the Lower Morrisville Road off-ramp. The sign likely is a temporary construction shield posted along with area detours for closed ramps. U.S. 13 is unsigned as of this point. Photo taken 10/03/04.
Southbound at the full-cloverleaf interchange with New Tyburn Road. New Tyburn Road arcs between U.S. 1 Business (Lincoln Highway) at Fallsington eastward to Pennsylvania Avenue & River Road south of Morrisville. The four-lane highway comprises an expressway and sees interchanges east of U.S. 13. Photo taken 10/03/04.
There are no left-hand turns permitted from U.S. 13 (Bristol Pike) onto Pennsylvania 413 (New Rodgers Road) in Bristol. New Jersey style jughandles instead handle the movements from U.S. 13 south to Pennsylvania 413 south and U.S. 13 north to Pennsylvania 413 north. Pictured here is the freeway style guide sign for the New Rodgers Road southbound jughandle to the Burlington-Bristol Bridge across the Delaware River into New Jersey. Photo taken 03/23/04.

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