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Two guides cover U.S. 322 in the state of Pennsylvania:

U.S. Highway 322 Business - West Chester

West Chester, Pennsylvania Road Map - AARoads

Map of the area showing the alignments of U.S. 202 and 322 in the West Chester vicinity. Asides an intersection with Matlack Street north of the split with U.S. 322 Business, the freeway is completely limited access.

West Chester Scenes
High Street (former Pennsylvania 100) southbound at the western terminus of Pennsylvania 3 (Chestnut Street). U.S. 322 Business westbound turns from High Street northbound onto Chestnut Street westbound here. U.S. 322 Business eastbound travels Market Street eastbound to High Street southbound four blocks to the south. With that stated U.S. 322 Business eastbound shields are posted on High Street southbound between Chestnut and Market Streets. Photo taken 08/15/04.
Four blocks south on High Street at Pennsylvania 3 east & U.S. 322 Business east (Market Street). U.S. 322 Business eastbound travels Market Street from New Street to High Street where it rejoins U.S. 322 Business westbound. Pennsylvania 3 begins its eastward journey along Market Street to West Chester Pike and Newtown Square to the left. Photo taken 08/15/04.
New Street southbound carries U.S. 322 Business east from Hannum Avenue two and a half blocks to Market Street (Pennsylvania 842 east). There the US route turns east onto Market Street, overtaking Pennsylvania 842 in the process. Pictured here is a U.S. 322 Business eastbound reassurance shield as seen from Pennsylvania 842 (Market Street) eastbound at New Street. Photo taken 08/15/04.
U.S. 322 Business (Market Street) eastbound on the approach to High Street (U.S. 322 Business westbound) in downtown West Chester. U.S. 322 Business partitions between Hannum Avenue and High Street via Chestnut Street (westbound) and New & Market Streets (eastbound). Pennsylvania 3 begins at the Market Street intersection with High Street. Photo taken 08/15/04.
U.S. 322 Business eastbound on High Street between Market Street and Miner Street. Pennsylvania 842 begins ahead and travels Miner Street westbound out of town. Eastbound Pennsylvania 842 travels Market Street between Brandywine Street and U.S. 322 Business east (New Street). Photo taken 08/15/04.
The westbound beginning of Pennsylvania 842 departs U.S. 322 Business (High Street) eastbound via Miner Street. The state route travels out of West Chester into rural Chester County from here. Photo taken 08/15/04.
Four blocks south of the eastern terminus of Pennsylvania 842 (Miner Street) is the northern terminus of Pennsylvania 52 (Price Street). U.S. 322 Business used to split with Pennsylvania 100 here as the state route turned south with Pennsylvania 52 toward Lenape. Now Pennsylvania 52 travels solo to Longwood and Wilmington, Delaware. Photo taken 08/15/04.
U.S. 322 Business east
U.S. 322 Business (High Street) conludes at the trumpet interchange with the West Chester Bypass (U.S. 202 & 322). The end shield assembly lies ahead of the Tigue Road intersection and U.S. 202 south & 322 eastbound merge with High Street. U.S. 202 & 322 transition from a freeway into Wilmington Pike from here southward to Chadds Ford. Photo taken 07/17/00.
An on-ramp exists between High Street (U.S. 322 Business eastbound) and the West Chester Bypass northbound. U.S. 202 & 322 bypass the city to the east between here and Fern Hill. U.S. 322 west serves Downingtown and U.S. 202 north serves Paoli beyond their split northeast of West Chester. U.S. 202 south & 322 east serve Chester and Wilmington respectively. Photo taken 06/17/00.
U.S. 322 Business eest
U.S. 322 Business westbound follows Downingtown Pike northwest out of downtown West Chester to U.S. 322 (West Chester Bypass). U.S. 322 stems west from U.S. 202 along a two-lane controlled access facility to its merge with the Downingtown Pike. An end shield resides at the western terminus of U.S. 322 Business at U.S. 322. Photo taken 07/17/00.

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